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A&A Account Creation Steps /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Account-Creation-Steps.pdf

This document details the step-by-step instructions on how to create an Enterprise A&A account through the EdPortal in order to receive access to the restricted sections of this Iowa ELPA21 portal. The restricted sections include any icon on the User pages that have a lock symbol. These icons include access to the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), the Test Delivery System (TDS), and the Online Reporting System (ORS). In order to assess students using the Iowa ELPA21 assessments, you must create an A&A account and access these secure systems.

User Roles and Access to Iowa ELPA21 Systems for 2018–2019 /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Iowa-ELPA21-User-Roles-Chart_2018-2019.pdf

This document outlines user roles and their various access features for all the AIR online systems. Users will need to access in order to set up accounts.

ELPA21 Family Facing Brochure (English) /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/ELPA21-Family-Facing-Brochure.pdf
Updated February 16, 2016
ELPA21 Family Facing Brochure (Spanish) /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/ELPA21-Family-Facing-Brochure-in-Spanish.pdf
Updated February 16, 2016

These brochures provide parents and students with specific information about the ELPA21 assessment as a measure of their child’s English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Schools are encouraged to copy these and send out to all parents of English language learners.

ELPA21 Summative Testing Administration (Time Chart) /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/ELPA21-Online-Summative-Average-Estimated-Testing-Times-5-state-average.pdf

This chart details approximate testing times based on the 2017-18 ELPA21 Summative test to allow for the scheduling of computer labs, and student scheduling.

ELPA21 Summative Assessment Number of Tasks and Questions /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/18-19-ELPA21-Online-Summative-Assessment-Test-Number-of-Tasks-and-Questions.pdf

This chart includes the number of tasks and questions by grade band for the ELPA21 Operational Summative Assessment. 

ELPA21 Student Tech Skills Checklist /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/ELPA21-Student-Technology-Skills-Checklist.pdf
Updated December 05, 2018

This document provides a list of technology skills that students will experience on the ELPA21 assessments.

Test Security Chart /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Test-Security-Chart.pdf

The Test Security Chart shows the test security incident levels and examples of types of issues.

Tool Button Sheet /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/ELPA21-Tool-Button-Sheet.pdf

The Tool Button Sheet was created to support students when TAs proctor the ELPA21 Training Test. If this sheet is provided to students during the ELPA21 Summative assessment, the sheet may not be used as scratch paper and must be collected and processed according to the school’s Test Security and Building Plan.

Locating Student Score Reports in ORS /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Locating-Student-Score-Reports-in-ORS.pdf

A quick primer for how to locate student score reports in ORS for receiving and sending districts.

When To Request Appeals In TIDE /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/When-To-Request-Appeals-In-TIDE.pdf
Updated December 05, 2017

This quick guide is designed to provide an overview of when to request an appeal in TIDE. 

Iowa ELPA21 Student Score Report Parent Letter /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/SampleELParentLetterELPA21ScoreReport.pdf
Updated December 06, 2017

This document provides a sample of the Iowa ELPA21 parent letter for score reports.

Non-Participation Codes /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/IANonParticipationCodesELPA.pdf
A list of all of the 2018-19 Non-Participation codes for the ELPA21 Summative assessment.