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K-12 Paper Receipt Instructions /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/18-19_ELPA21_Summative_Receipt_Instructions_FINAL_111618.pdf

This document provides instructions for handling paper material shipments from Measurement Incorporated.

Additional Ordering of Paper and Pencil materials in TIDE /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Additional-Orders-of-Paper-and-Pencil-Materials_DC.pdf

This quick guide provides information about Additional Ordering of Paper and Pencil materials in TIDE by District Coordinators. As a reminder, all orders must be approved by IDOE prior to submitting the order request in TIDE.

Test Security Agreement /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Test-SecurityConfidentiality-Agreement-1.pdf

This document is a test security and confidentiality agreement to be signed by all scribes and translators who are responsible for administering ELPA21 tests. Signed copies of this document should be stored in each district’s office

Data Entry Procedures and Shipping Instructions /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/Data-Entry-Procedures-and-Shipping-Instructions-4-6-161.pdf
Updated March 01, 2017

This document provides guidance on what steps are needed for paper testing procedures and shipping instructions, including details on which test sections need to be entered into the Data Entry Interface prior to returning materials to Measurement Incorporated.

K-12 Paper Return Instructions /core/fileparse.php/3650/urlt/18-19_ELPA21_Summative_Return_Instructions_FINAL_111518.pdf

These documents provide instructions on returning test materials to Measurement Incorporated.